Portable Appliance Testing

(Guidelines,Regulation & Law for the use of portable electrical appliances )

My background includes over thirty years of Health & Safety management experience and I possess various qualifications in the subject. I am an approved Portable Appliance Tester and trained in Risk Assessment for both COSHH and    

H & S in the workplace.


The service I am offering is one of on-site PAT testing, registers and record keeping, H & S Risk Assessment, COSHH regulations together with general  H & S advice and guidance.


The statistics state that more than 25% of all electrical accidents are as result of a portable appliance being used.


The law requires any business under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 to maintain all electrical equipment in a safe and usable condition. HSE, insurance companies and Visit England have issued guidelines that recommend to having equipment tested, certified and recorded safe any portable electric appliance that may be used by members of the public or employees. Testing is not compulsory.


A portable electrical appliance is generally defined as being a small to medium size piece of equipment that is no more than 18kgs in mass and may be hand held or easily moved and is fitted with an electrical plug.

In hotels, guest houses, offices, small businesses and holiday lets you may have such items as kettles, toasters, table/floor lamps, hair dryers,  computers, monitors, portable TV's and microwave ovens which are all included.

Other items such as hand held power tools, vacuum cleaners and other equipment that has an electrical plug fitted are also included. We are unable to offer our service to heavy industrial business and 110v users.


I am offering a friendly, convenient, fully insured and very competitive service to local business that will help you to comply with the law, guidelines and regulations at a reasonable cost.

*It can save you money with your insurance premium.


Arrangements of site visit convenient to suit your hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, offices and small businesses.


Testing procedure, certificates, registers and recording is in accordance and complies with local licencing authorities, Tourist Board organisations and Fire Service requirements. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council Environmental Health approved service.


For a site visit of up to two hours duration and for up to 20 items PAT tested, certified and recorded £85.00


For a site visit of up to four hours duration and for up to 50 items PAT tested, certified and recorded £165.00


Any additional items are charged at a cost of £2.50 per unit.


( prices quoted are all inclusive if you are within a 10 mile radius of Uttoxeter Staffordshire )


If I can be of service then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Free quotations and group deals available.

All work and service is fully insured.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer the service to heavy industrial and 110 volt systems.

25% of all electrical accidents

are as a result of a

portable appliance being used


HSE report figures








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Following personal discussions with 'Visit Britain' it was agreed that the interpretation of the PAT Guidelines should follow a practical and sensible format.

The following was agreed:


Class I  earthed items ( Kettles, toasters, heaters, irons, hair dryers, etc ) to be tested annually.


Class II double insulated items ( Table lamps, floor lamps, food mixers, portable TV's, etc ) to be tested bi-ennially.


**Guidelines appear to have been relaxed and as such both Class I and Class II can be tested bi-ennially**


We will work around your needs. We are happy to attend any day of the week


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