19th Century Chinese & Japanese


c1800 ( possibly earlier )


A beautiful pair of early nineteenth century blue and white Japanese ware display plates.

Featuring the heavenly crane, tsuru or tancho in Japanese, in relief with outswept wings a symbol of longevity, fidelity and wisdom.

This actual design has been used by Japanese Airlines as a logo 'tsurumaru'.

Diameter: 8.5" (22cms)



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A wonderful, genuine and symbolic late nineteenth century piece of  craftsmanship that collectively encompasses many fine skills of the period.

Exotic hardwood panels with the poetic calligraphy, five bats, prunus, birds,insects and swags all inlaid mother of pearl that is then engraved with figure detail.

The calligraphy is part of a poetic statement of verse to do with good life and actions.

The five bats symbolises long life, health, wealth, virtue and a narural death.

The prunus tree and flowers all contribute to the message of goodwill.

It is believed that the script is in verse and relates to an orchard walk through spring blossom.


Height:  30.75" (78cms)

Width: 11.5" (29cms)

One is shorter due to damage which has resulted in the consolidation & restoration


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c 1890

Chinese blessing panels


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