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Desk lamps

c1940 Bauhaus


Original Kaiser Idell model 6561 desk lamp in gun metal grey finish. This iconic design has featured throughout the twentieth century and is still the basis of the current design models manufactured by Kaiser.

The designer Christan Dell ( 1893 - 1974 ) was the Head of Metalwork and Lighting at the Bauhaus School before his removal by the National Socialist Party prior to the second World War. His 'Idea' hence'Idell' for contemporary design and manufacture was to transform lighting designs through to modern twentyfirst century counterparts.

This lamp has for over seventy years given good working light to those using it and will continue to grace any desk or home.


Height: 25" ( 63.5cms )

Base diameter: 6.5" ( 16.5cms )


Price £265.00

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Edwardian Art Nouveau patinated desk lamp.

A real look into the past with this functional and attractive lamp.

Full tilt and swing to body and shade. Showing signs of regular use throughtout it's hundred year history.

Practical and still able to catch the eye with it's style.


Height: 16.5" ( 42cms )

Width:11" ( 28cms )


Price £195.00

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