A rare and elegant Art Nouveau silver plated stylised electric table lamp in the style of WAS Benson though carrying no makers marks. This lamp shows  only minor wear to the plating giving enhanced character and appearance to this stunning work. Shown with a specially designed and made Lisa Wrigley shade of Chinese embroidered silk with glass bead fringe and gold trim.This lamp is typical of the very best in quality and design for the period. Fully re-wired and tested to modern requirements.

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1st Edition Hadrill & Horstmann floor lamp



Millstone Art & Antiques

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Just finished removing the paint accumulated over the past seven decades and completed the re-wire and restore programme on this fabulous trolley floor lamp.

Designed by Fredjo Horstmann in the 1940's  and based on Carwardine's Anglepoise of the 1920's. Fredjo new and met with Carwardine and then went on to design and produce this fine and much improved counter-balance trolley wheeled floor lamp. British patent number 637550. Affectionately called the 'Roller' it was designed for the workshop, studio, doctor's and dentist's consulting rooms.

Manufactured in an alloy on a sturdy cast base with bearing wheels and fully adjustable in height and angle.


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